TribalTV is a digital channel and brand experience that reflects and connects the modern-day lives of First Peoples around the world,  with our hearts in our history and our heels often planted in the mainstream.
With our diverse but always culturally-connected content and growing social community, we inspire the 400 million indigenous people worldwide, and the people who love us, to be our boldest, biggest and bravest selves.
We are #storiesUNLEASHED, #warriorsUNLEASHED, #activists UNLEASHED, #artistsUNLEASHED, #studentsUNLEASHED, #singleladiesUNLEASHED, #championsUNLEASHED,  and always, authentically, #youUNLEASHED.
TribalTVYour Spirit. #Unleashed.

TribalTV is a startup channel on TV4 Entertainment's existing multichannel network. TV4 has multiple channels already running, and and they are launching 30 more channels this year, including TribalTV! Their investors include Sky Media and Warner Bros.
Through our TV4 partnership, TribalTV's content currently is available on Hulu, Roku, Vessel, Amazon, Sony, Virgin and Net2TV, and we feature our trailers on YouTube. (Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service by Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Austria, India  and Germany.)

Come for the content.

We feature acquired, repackaged and original content
that shines a light on global indigenous strivers.

Stay for the community.

We create and share content that's creating a buzz
on social media and with our community here on the site.

Connect for a lifetime.

We are a rapidly growing multi-platform experience for First Nations around the world and those who love us.

  • Celia Xavier
    Celia Xavier (Salish, Athabaskan, Mayan) is an award-winning filmmaker and production company owner who has produced, written and directed both Native American-focused and mainstream content for film, television and digital over the past two decades.
  • Ernie Stevens III
    Ernie Stevens III (Oneida) is a film producer focused on leveraging his existing network, skills, experience and knowledge to create more Native American career opportunities in the entertainment industry and to help diversify economic opportunities overall in Indian Country.
  • DMA
    Launch Executive Consultant
    A veteran showrunner, TV/digital executive and patented tech entrepreneur, DMA has led US and international entertainment networks, non-profits and startups through: organizational (re)branding; creating award-winning, top-rated content; and building custom workflows and infrastructures to shift or scale their companies.
  • Dominique PiƱon
    Social Media Coordinator
    Dominique is a graduate of Syracuse University. She joins TribalTV to help identify, connect with and actively engage audience members with communications and content and to help build a vibrant social community of young First Peoples around the world.